How does it work

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    The most important thing is understanding of the parties. If you already have an idea, we will write it down and clarify. If the idea is in the air (not ripe), we will help you to find it and articulate properly. Then goes a very important stage – definition of the target audience and making a mockups (a portrait of the system user). In parallel with these works we are already doing sketches for the design, prototype, including necessarily on your mobile device.

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    The most creative and emotional stage is interface. We (a client and a designer) will look at the competitor, make the list of good and bad, create a graphic project, take away the unnecessary things, and add the necessary ones. We will decide on the colour, shape, design, logo and another hundred of beautiful and useful details. And surely we will discuss how all that will look on mobile devices. All of our designs are then imposed to adapting proof.

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    Development of the whole project is divided into iterations that last 1-2 weeks. During that period a completed chunk of the project is done so that it can be seen. At the end of every iteration the client is shown the result; mistakes are discussed and fixed. It is followed by agreeing the next iteration.

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    At the final stage a quality assurance manager carries out a complete project testing, including high speed response and anti hacker security. It provides system protection and integrity. That is the end of the final iteration. It is followed by demonstration of the whole project to the client. The project is published on the server. All accesses are given to the client.

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